Assortment of touring cyclist affairs

In this section you will find different topics that may interest you. Logistical options to ride for days, links to sites of interest, etc.

Logistic options to ride for days

Routes of sports touring cyclist (without panniers) of more than one day generates certain logistical difficulties; due to the question of how can we take "things"?

Without ruling out that more options might come to mind to those involved, some occur to us.

The first is the VISAExpress mode; It consists of paying with VISA everything that can be payed and take the "things" in a super-reduced version of pockets and drums on the handlebar and under the bar and seat. You can add also a camelback type minipack well attached to the back. Although in modern “Hispanic” cycling this last backpack thing seems a sacrilege, in countries with much more cyclist tradition it is made without breaking a sweat.

Another option is to take an own support vehicle. Those involved take turns, and when it is your turn you take the car to the destination and cycle back until you meet your group.
This option also has a better variant, the variant "b". The driver is a person who wants to make "tourism" but does not want to do cycling. If the stages are not too long and there is time left for something more than pedaling, this option "b" can work.

And a third option is to hire support services that solve logistics by providing a vehicle for support and transport of luggage, and provide you an added value to the activity such as the accompaniment of a guide/photographer riding with the group throughout the whole tour.

Comment on the photos of this web (in case you have seen yourself)

Some of the photographs that appear on this website have been taken in bike races or on the road without further ado, of those people cycling by.
Image related issues are complicated, one does not know if one is simply assaulting someone’s privacy or if you are just flattering him/her.
If you are in any of these images and that bothers you, do not hesitate to let us know. If on the other hand, you don't mind and like the original photo, ask us for it and we will send it to you.

cilista teletransportado

Participant of the "Pax Avant 2013" teleported to the Navarran town Navascués.

Comments on this website profiles and their utility

Bear in mind that in the information that appears in the profiles of this website, besides crossing sites, levels of altitude and kilometers per sections, you can also find the number of the road of each route’s section.
That means that if you print it and take it with you, it will help you to be able to follow the routes itinerary.

perfil demo

Comment on the name of the routes

It is not that we are pretentious wanting to baptize, as if they were children, each combination of ports and roads produced by our bicycle touring fevered mind.

But there are 2 things:
On the one hand it is tiring, mentally speaking, to refer to each route by its geographical description in the style of "going from... to... and ends in..." i.e. giving a name is a very valuable resource to organize and simplify it.

On the other hand we know that, as it says the “witch” tradition in the Basque country, "everything that has name exists" and that is why we all prefer to do the "Quebrantahuesos" before "which goes from Sabinanigo to Somport, from there to the Marie Blanque, then passes through Portalet and ends in Sabiñanigo".

Therefore the use of names, because there is something in the "homo cyclensis" that makes you feel a little more satisfaction if at the end of several kilometers, it has a name.
The ramblings about why we leave them for each.