4 Stages of Cycle Tourism through the Forests of Irati and Roncesvalles

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Options of 3 or 4 Stages

SELVA de IRATI - Mountain Bike

SELVA de IRATI PUNTO BIKE is a cycle touring point to point staged route for mountain biking. It is located to the West of the Pyrenean mountain range in what is known as the Basque Pyrenees. Its path is divided equally between forest tracks and mountain trails of medium difficulty.

The PIRINEOS PUNTO BIKE proposal to pedal the route is
in broad strokes, a Self Guided Pack which includes the Half Board Accommodations, the Tracks of the route and the Luggage Transport from hotel to hotel.

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Pedaling on the bank of the Urbeltza (Black River). Irati Forest
Standard landscape of the SELVA de IRATI PUNTO BIKE route
Reaching the top of the Okabe peak in the stage B
Autumnal waters on the river Urbeltza. From the dam of Irabia the river will be called Irati.
Horses in freedom in the vicinity of Roncesvalles
Descent from Lindus to Roncesvalles on the slopes of Mendiaundi.
Pedaling through the Abodi's range. Stage A of SELVA de IRATI PUNTO BIKE
Among forests and pastures the route goes on
Abodi Range, main axis of the track of stage A.

SELVA de IRATI PUNTO BIKE route is located in the central part of the PIRINEO NAVARRO and is nestled between the 2,019 meters of the Ori Peak in the East and the forests of the "Quinto Real" and the Adi Peak in the West.
Its geography is made up of a series of compact forest masses in lower altitude areas that combine with other deforested areas since ancient times and that present a clear pastoral component, with extensive mountain pastures dotted with shepherds' huts and important megalithic sets that take us back to the ancient occupation of these mountains in prehistoric times.

The eastern part of the route (stages A and B) corresponds to the SELVA de IRATI itself. There, a strong influence of logging and water resources is visible. This translates into extensive forests, and water "everywhere" except in the autumns that happen to dry summers (rare). In the most eastern end the mountain begins to look "high mountain".

The western part of the route (stage C) corresponds to the Pyrenees that surround RONCESVALLES. It is perceived in them an important influence of the Way of St. James that crosses the Pyrenees from North to South in this area and that leaves its mark especially in the atmosphere of the towns and mountain passes through which it passes.

Stage D allows us to add a stage of different style to the proposal. It is a stage through the southern area of the Salazar Valley that introduces us to one of the most incognito and unknown territories in Navarra, the Areta Mountains and the Urraul Alto Region. If in the usual Navarrese Pyrenees we meet 100 people, here we will meet barely one.
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To get the idea of what you can find if you decide to know the SELVA de IRATI PUNTO BIKE click and browse below in any of these tabs.

Stage B: Circular Irati
Distance: 55 km   Unevenness: 1.235 m

Stage C: Larraun - Burguete
Distance: 51 km   Unevenness: 1.475 m

Stage D: Burguete - Ochagavía
Distance: 55 km   Unevenness: 1.390 m

Stage A: Ochagavía - Larraun
Distance: 40 km   Unevenness: 1.050 m

The complete route
Distance: 200 km   Unevenness: 5.150 m

The hotel conditions in this area of ​​the Pyrenees generate route logistics that must be understood.

The arrival point of the groups is the LARRAUN neighborhood. The 1st stage to pedal is the Irati Circular (B). We continue with stages C or D (depending on whether the 3-stage or 4-stage option has been chosen) and after spending the night in OCHAGAVÍA, the last stage between Ochagavía and Larraun (stage A) is carried out.

After completing this last stage, the group returns in their vehicle to the same hotel as the previous night in Ochagavía, where the last night of the trip is reserved.

Consult options in case you are not making the trip to Navarra in your own vehicle.


Stage B: Circular Irati
Distance: 55 km   Unevenness: 1.235 m

Okabe, Heart of Irati



SELVA de IRATI PUNTO BIKE in pure state.




The route alternates wooded areas with others of a more pastoral nature.


Daily scenes on the slopes of Okabe Peak.


One of the most impressive megalithic complexes of the Pyrenees. The 26 cromlechs of Hilarrita in the vicinity of the top of Okabe.


We reached the top of the Okabe without getting off the bike. When the fog does not prevent it, its 1466 meters of altitude and its location in the center of the Pyrenean axis make up a spectacular viewpoint.

Descenso de Okabe 1, Selva de Irati bike-route Descenso de Okabe 2, Selva de Irati bike-route

Okabe descent, star moment of the day.

Pantano de Irabia, Selva de Irati bike-route

Dam of the Irabia reservoir HEART OF IRATI


Stage C: Larraun - Burguete
Distance: 51 km   Unevenness: 1.475 m

Montes de Roncesvalles



Los primeros kilómetros del día transcurren por las inmediaciones de los bosques que circundan la Fabrica de armas de Orbaitzeta.


Collado de Arnostegi bajo los restos de la torre romana de Urkulu. En el horizonte los 2000 metros del Pico de Ori.


En las inmediaciones de Lepoeder compartiremos ruta durante un tiempo con los peregrinos de Camino de Santiago.


Puerto de Ibañeta entre Orreaga-Roncesvalles y Valcarlos. Su condición de paso natural utilizado desde la prehistoria entre las 2 vertientes del Pirineo lo convierten en el imaginario colectivo en un lugar vinculado a la Batalla de Roncesvalles.


Ascenso a Lindus desde Ibañeta, nos alejamos del Camino de Santiago...


... y entramos en el Pirineo Navarro "profundo".


Entre el Alto de Lindus y Mendiaundi el paisaje no tendrá desperdicio. Estamos en uno de los "puntos fuertes" de SELVA de IRATI PUNTO BIKE


Comienza el descenso hacia Burguete por las laderas del Pico Mendiaundi.


Stage D: Burguete - Ochagavía
Distance: 55 km   Unevenness: 1.390 m

Irati Sur, Irati desconocido




If we eliminate stage C, we will go directly from Irati/Larraun to Ochagavía

Corona-norte y Garralda

Ladera norte del Monte La Corona. por ella transcurren los primeros kilómetros del día. A sus pies, Garralda, modelo de pueblo pirenaico navarro.

Corona Mountain

Vista del semidesértico Valle de Arce desde la amplia meseta cimera del desconocido monte La Corona, cota opcional en esta etapa D.

Irati river

Descendiendo hacia Olaldea, el Río Irati se esfuerza por hacerse ver en la densidad boscosa que el mismo genera.


Muy a menudo el final de la temporada se convierte en el momento estrella para lo nuestro.IRATI SUR


Mirador sobre el Urraul Alto, una de las zonas más "desfavorecidas" de la desconocida Navarra prepirenaica. SELVA de IRATI PUNTO BIKE comparte track en esta sección con su "hermana" en versión GRAVEL.

Horses in freedoom

Poco acostumbrados a ver personas en esta etapa por el desconocido sur prepirenaico, los animales tienen por aquí un "punto" de salvajes.

Abodi Boina

Boina del Abodi en su máxima expresión durante el regreso a Ochagavía por el Irati Sur.


Otsagi, authentic prototype of the Navarrese Pyrenean town. Many narrow streets where you can "get lost" for a while and place of end of the route SELVA de IRATI PUNTO BIKE


Stage A: Ochagavía - Larraun
Distance: 40 km   Unevenness: 1.050 m

Abodi, Irati Balcony



Pyrenean peaks, constant image if we look to the East throughout stage A.


The initial climb to the Sierra de Abodi will be the most demanding of the day.


Shared section with the Pikatua Nordic ski slopes.


The Abodi Range is the "backbone" of stage A. Often, when the North wind blows, it becomes the limit of the "cap" of clouds that arrive from the North slope.


When the "cap" of fog makes an appearance, the landscape changes.


First meters along the axis of the Abodi Range under the surveillance of the Pico de Ori.


Arrival at 1,532 meters above sea level at the top of Abodi, the highest point of the day.


Spectacular panorama from the top with the Pico de Ori - the first 2,000 meters of the mountain range - to the left, and the main mountains of the Pyrenees-Atlantiques monopolizing the rest of the horizon.


Laderas del Pico Idorrokia.


Montañas de la vertiente norte de Irati vistas desde la Sierra de Abodi. BALCÓN DEL IRATI


Secciones de "All Mountain" en la parte alta de la sierra. Momentos difíciles de olvidar.


Los últimos kilómetros de la ruta atraviesan típicos pueblos del Pirineo Navarro. En la imagen Orbara.


If you have doubths, do not hesitate and use some of the buttons below, we respond quickly.


  • Lodging for stages with start in Ochagavía
    • night: Depending on availability we will stay in one of the following accommodations.
      • Oronz - Hostal Rural Salazar
      • Jaurrieta - Hostal Rural Eseverry
      • Jaurrieta - Hostal Rural Irati
      • Ochagavia - Hotel Rural Auñamendi
      • Ochagavia - Hostal Rural Orialde
  • Hostal Rural Salazar

    Hostal-Salazar-ext Hostal-Salazar-salon Hostal-Salazar-hab-1

    Hostal Rural Eseverry

    Hostal-Eseverry-ext Hostal-Eseverry-salon Hostal-Eseverry-hab-1

    Hostal Rural Irati

    H-Irati-ext H-Irati-salon H-Irati-hab-1

    Hotel Rural Auñamendi

    Aunamendi-ext Aunamendi-hall Aunamendi-room

    Hostal Rural Orialde

    Puerta de Irati 1 Puerta de Irati 2 Puerta de Irati 3
  • Lodging for stages with start in Irati / Larraun

  • Hostal Rural Urkixokoa

    Hostal-Urkixokoa-Exterior Hostal-Urkixokoa-Chimenea Hostal-Urkixokoa-Desayuno Hostal-Urkixokoa-habitacion-1 Hostal-Urkixokoa-habitacion-2 Hostal-Urkixokoa-Terraza
    Hostal Rural Mendilatz

    Mendilatz-Aterpe-ext Mendilatz-Aterpe-hall Mendilatz-Aterpe-sala-de-estar Mendilatz-Aterpe-room-1 Mendilatz-Aterpe-room-2 Mendilatz-Aterpe-terrace
  • Lodging for stages with start in Burguete

  • Hotel Loizu

    Loizu-ext Loizu-ext2 Loizu-Rest Loizu-salon Loizu-hab-1 Loizu-hab-2

    Hostal Rural Burguete

    Hotel-Burguete-photo-old Hotel-Burguete-ext Hotel-Burguete-comedor Hotel-Burguete-breakfast-room Hotel-Burguete-room-1 Hotel-Burguete-room-2


  • Best time to go: The route can be done at any time of the year except in winter.
       Summer and autumn are usually the most pleasant seasons; in the spring there may be mud at certain points of the route. In any case, we have to say that the punctual weather of the days in which we are going to make the route is more important than the time itself.

       At the end of Autumn the days are short, but more than enough for our purpose. The beech forests of the Irati "burn" with reds and ochres in those days, and the experience of pedaling during the day and taking a walk at sunset in that sea of colors reinforces the experience.
  • Type of tracks: In general, trails and tracks with more physical than technical demand, both uphill and downhill.
  • Ideal bike: Any mountain bike. There are no particularly technical descents, so you can prioritize the lightness of the bike more than its potential in the descent.
  • Orientation: The route must be followed with a GPS device or with the mobile phone App that you are used to using for the same purpose.
       It is not advisable to try to learn how to use an App on the fly.
       We do not provide Apps or GPS user manuals. It is up to the users to have this knowledge.
       There is no on-site signage.
  • Ciclability: Depending on the technical skills and the strengths of each one, the route is 98% cyclable.
  • Philosophy: The route is designed so that the stages can be completed and we still have a large part of the day to enjoy the place where we are.
  • Provisioning: It will be necessary to check the availability of supplies along the way depending on the dates we have chosen for our trip. The availability of restaurant services is very changing in the Navarrese Pyrenees.


cromos de hoteles Irati Tours

- Important -

In the rural world that our routes run through, hotel establishments are usually small. It is often difficult to book the sequence of accommodations necessary to complete a Pack, especially if the number of participants in a group is a bit high.

Booking in advance is often the key. It is not a commercial trick on our part. Many times, that reservation with enough time in advance is simply the difference between being able or not being able to reserve the Pack.



4 Stages / 5 Nights

1 circular and 3 point to point stages: B + C + D + A

589 € Price per person for groups of 6 or more people

648 € Price per person for groups of 5 people

608 € Price per person for groups of 4 people

714 € Price per person for groups of 2 or 3 people

Single room supplement: 254 €
When the group consists of an even number of people, an even number of applications will also be necessary to access this supplement.

3 Stages / 4 Nights

1 circular and 2 point to point stages: B + D + A

474 € Price per person for groups of 6 or more people

528 € Price per person for groups of 5 people

492 € Price per person for groups of 4 people

584 € Price per person for groups of 2 or 3 people

Single room supplement: 228 €
When the group consists of an even number of people, an even number of applications will also be necessary to access this supplement.

In these proposals when the groups are odd, the accommodation is offered in double rooms and a single room.

If you want the price of the Pack to be cheaper, perhaps we can lower the level of one of the chosen hotels. And also, if the number of participants is odd; request a triple room.
- This management is only done once the Pack has been contracted -

Rates for the whole year, subject to availability.
The prices may vary when the dates coincide with the Easter holidays or with the Patron Festivities of any of the places of accommodation.


  • 2 nights of accommodation with breakfast
    Corresponds to the 1st and last nights
  • 2 or 3 Same number as stages are in the Pack
    nights accommodation in half board
  • Transport of luggage between hotels
    1 bag or package of a maximum of 20 kg per person
    If not needed, the cost of this service will be deducted from the proposal

  • Tracks of the route in GPX format for mobile phones or GPS devices and printed map with each day routes options
  • Explanatory printed map-sketch of the different route options for each stage
    One per stage
  • Link to services that may be necessary along the route
  • Presentation of the route and delivery of information in hand the day of the arrival of the group to the hotel or the morning of the next day when groups are of 6 or more people
  • Telephone assistance for incidents or consultations during the days of the contracted activity



  • Beers or other consumptions outside the proposed menus in the dinners or during the stay in hotels
  • Meals in restaurants at the time of the noon, unless it has been agreed previously to replace dinner with meals
  • Any kind of sports material, helmets, shoes, etc
  • Mechanical Assistance during the activity
    If possible, we will try to help you in case of a breakdown, but in many situations this help can be very limited due to lack of specific spare parts or other circumstances. The cost of the service if it can be done is € 18 per hour + € 0.40 per kilometer.
  • Anything not expressly indicated in the offer


  • Airport/station pick up
    We put you in contact with the transfer companies that provide these services. We do not include its cost in our proposal.
  • Bicycle rental
    We put you in touch with a rental service in the nearest place to the route start point
  • Hire Asistance / Accident Insurance
    and / or Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Delete if not necessary the night at the starting/finalising point of the route


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