A list of routes in the – in our understanding - area with more possibilities for cycling in the Pyrenees.

Ciclismo de pendiente en el "Secret Valley" de Lescun. Laberouat, el auténtico "coco" del Bearn.
Larrau, el "obligatorio" -Larra-Larrau 2016-
Exigente y bellisimo ascenso (25km. 1500m.)al Col de La Pierre de St Martín desde el Valle de Aspe
Selva de Irati, one of the 5 stars  PUNTOS  in the Pyrenees -Irati Extrem 2013-
La Vuelta a España 2016 descending Inharpu/Auski in the Atlantic Pyrenees of Mauléon. White Froome, green Valverde and red Quintana.
Bostmendieta, Un Col de la colección "Puertos secretos del Pirineo"
Bagargi por Larrau, un puerto TOUR (2003) en el Pirineo occidental
El pelotón, con sus jefes controlandose, asciende al macizo de los Arbailles. -Vuelta a España 2016-

If we were asked to choose the best place for a Stage in the Pyrenees, there is no doubt that Arette, Isaba or any locality of the surroundings would be strong candidates to be elected. “
"Tour” Mountain passes such as Larrau, Marie Blanque and La Pierre de St Martin are only a few more from a list of gems that are slowly coming to light.

Routes from Arette

The network of roads that is generated between the valleys that descend from the central mountain range from St. Jean Pied de Port in the West to the Gave de Ossau in the East are simply the perfect cyclist paradise.
We anticipate a few proposals. Remain to be added the different routes that performs the traditional "Pierres Jacques", well established cycling race in the area, and also more moderate proposals in terms of difficulty, since not everything has to be nonstop pedaling.


Routes from Isaba

The popular Larra-Larrau cycling race puts Isaba in the touring cyclist universe. But there is a lot more. There is "enough" to consider the Roncal Valley as one of the places of reference where to go if we want to practice touring cyclist on the southern slopes of the Pyrenees.
Besides, the place maintains a good balance between calm and animation.
Here's a list of proposals of different levels so that you can choose depending on your interest.

  1. 1.Ezkaurre 360: 1150m - 56km
  2. 2.Matamachos: 690m - 41km
  3. 3.Kakueta Road: 960m - 73km
  4. 4.AretteSky: 1300m - 61km
  5. 5.Tres Valles: 1840m - 110km
  6. 6.Casas de Irati: 1950m - 95km
  7. 7.Larra Larrau C: 2600m - 100km
  8. 8.Larra Larrau C Inverso: 2600m - 100km
  9. 9.Extremo sur: 2150m - 152km
  10. 10.Isaba Issarbe: 2960m - 119km
  11. 11.Larra Larrau L: 3600m - 143km
  12. 12.Almadieros NonStop: 2660m - 188km
  13. 13.Esperando a Godot: 4060m - 142km