5 Stages of Cycle Tourism and other Experiences in Navarra

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5 Stages / 6 Nights

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Minimum group 6 people


Pamplona CASTILLOS del REYNO in this version SLOW, is a cicycle touring route that can be done both on the road bike and on the type of bicycle that is usually used for walks or greenways, both electric and conventional.
The route is located in the South face of the Pyrenees, mainly in the Pamplona Basin and in the Middle Zone of the NAVARRA Foral Community.
The track of the route runs linking several of the CASTLES that defended the old REYNO.
The PIRINEOS PUNTO BIKE proposal to pedal the route is in broad strokes, a Guided Route Pack which includes the Accommodations for full board, the Refreshments during the route, the Luggage Transport from hotel to hotel, several Non-Sports Activities and a Vehicle and a Bicycle Guide accompanying the cyclists while the sporting activity lasts.

Being as it is; a VIP proposal, the hotels and the services we have selected in each geographical area through which we travel are those that, under our criteria, meet the highest quality standards, both from the point of view of hotel comfort and from the point of view of attention to the cyclist.

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High Level accommodation throughout the route  Pamplona Catedral Hotel
Castle of Javier, point of " Experience History " in  Pamplona  CASTILLOS del REYNO
Artajona and its "Cerco" above the Navarra Media
One of the options for " Experience Gastronomiy " in Pamplona; Restaurant Europa -1* Michelin and 2 Repsol Suns-
The Tower of Ujue Castle from the ruins of the Church of San Miguel
Royal Palace of Olite, a castle like the ones in the fairy tale, welcomes us for two days
Vineyards sub-denomination "Navarra" as we pass through the old Valdaibar

NAVARRA is a place full of cultural and geographical diversity. In just 100 kilometers in a straight line we pass from the PYRENEES - with its mountain culture - in the North, to the plains of the banks of the Ebro in the South. In between, the Middle Zone with the Pre-Pyrenean Basins in the East and the Pamplona Basin in the center. a territory on the one hand full of history; Populations Vascones, remains of Roman Towns, Medieval Fortresses, Monasteries, CASTLES ... and by another one of a great variety of different natural spaces.
It is in this territory, with a meteorology that allows practically rolling throughout the year, where our proposal Pamplona CASTILLOS del REYNO is developed.
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To get the idea of what you can find if you decide to know the SLOW option of Pamplona CASTILLOS del REYNO click and browse below in any of these tabs.

Stage 1:Pamplona - Pamplona - Distance: 39 km   Unevenness: 510 m

Stage 2:Olite - Olite - Distance: 44 km   Unevenness: 450 m

Stage 3:Olite - Gallipienzo - Distance: 44 km   Unevenness: 650 m

Stage 4:Gallipienzo - Aibar - Distance: 51 km   Unevenness: 700 m

Stage 5:Aibar - Olite - Distance: 46 km   Unevenness: 770 m

The complete route
Distance: 224 km   Unevenness: 3.080 m

Stage 1: Pamplona - Pamplona - Distance: 39 km   Unevenness: 510 m

In this first day of cycling we will make a circular tour through Pamplona and its surroundings. We will take advantage of the Riverwalk project that runs along the channels of the different rivers that converge in the Pamplona Basin, generating a network of pedestrian and bicycle routes ideal for a first contact with the city.


Pamplona a city between mountains.


And a city linked to cycling. Plaza del Castillo, the icon of the city, in the midst of a cyclist's effervescence welcoming a stage start of the Tour of the Basque Country.


Fluvial walk of Pamplona, main axis of the circular tour of the first day of route by the environs of the city.


Fluvial walk of Pamplona and Castillo de Arazuri at the gates of the town.


Stage 2: Olite - Olite - Distance: 44 km   Unevenness: 450 m



Olite, spectacular start of the route.


Quite roads in the Navarra Media between Olite and Artajona.


After a brief ascent from Tafalla, Artajona and its towers suddenly appear.


We arrive at the Cerco de Artajona, one of the most impressive and best preserved medieval enclaves in Navarra.


Interior of the walled town.


Stage 3: Olite - Gallipienzo - Distance: 44 km   Unevenness: 650 m



Today's route begins crossing the Comarca de la Valdorba, an open Romanesque exhibition in Navarra. The "mandatory" stop is at the Olleta Medieval Bridge.


From the Olleta Mountain Pass, if the day is clear we can see the Pyrenees. We left the Valdorba and with a quick and comfortable descent we entered the Valdaibar.


As we cross through the Valdaibar different Medieval Villas will arise. In the image Eslava.


When the type of bicycle we are using allows it, we will pedal through secondary routes between vineyards.


Characteristic landscape in the valley of the ancient Valdaibar, villages - Sada in the picture - crops and vineyards monopolize the landscape.


End of stage in the spectacular "watchtover" Village of Gallipienzo.


Located in a border point between the ancient Kingdoms of Navarre and Aragon, the hundreds of corners of Gallipienzo easily become "gates" of direct communication with history.


And if the bar is open do not hesitate to enter. It is just another "Experience" more.


It will be hard to forget a night walk through one of the most authentic villages of Navarre. In Gallipienzo things are, because they were and still are. Nothing is set for you to see it.


Stage 4: Gallipienzo - Aibar - Distance: 51 km   Unevenness: 700 m



Morning mists in the Valdaibar.


Landscapes of the route. The same culture, different times.


The vineyards Denomination "Navarra" dot the route.


The Javier´s Castle appears almost unexpectedly.


We are in one of the most emblematic places in Navarra.


From Javier we still have 22 kilometers to finish the stage.


Village "watchtower" of Aibar, end of today´s route.


Stage 5: Aibar - Olite - Distance: 46 km   Unevenness: 770 m


Pamplona-Castillos-del-Reyno-bike-route-Lerga-pueblo Pamplona-Castillos-del-Reyno-bike-route-Lerga-puerto

The last day of Pamplona CASTILLOS del REYNO we started returning on our steps of the third stage and we ascended to the Alto de Lerga. The Mountain Pass begins in the villa of the same name that is seen in the first photograph.

Pamplona-Castillos-del-Reyno-bike-route-Ujue-Villa Pamplona-Castillos-del-Reyno-bike-route-Ujue-Iglesia

Reaching one of those included in the list of "Most Beautiful Villages in Spain" will have its price and will still require a last effort. It will be, because for us, besides town it will be Mountain Pass.

Pamplona-Castillos-del-Reyno-bike-route-Ujue-Villa Pamplona-Castillos-del-Reyno-bike-route-Ujue-Iglesia

The few kilometers that we have left to finish the stage in Olite are practically downhill, so the stop in the village "watchtower" of the day, Ujue, becomes "obligatory". The monumental complex, which is in itself the entire Villa, is finished off with the impressive Fortress - Castle / Church - of Santa Maria. A church enclosed in a castle.


And still during the descent San Martin de Unx and its cellars of "clarete" will incite us to stop.



The Program and the Hotels, day by day

  • Day 1
    • Arrival to Pamplona
        Reception at the hotel. Schedule agreed depending on the time of arrival of the group.
    • Dinner in: Undefined restaurant in the Old Quarter of Pamplona
    • 1st and 2nd night: Pamplona - Pamplona Catedral Hotel
  • The base of PIRINEOS PUNTO BIKE in Pamplona is located in an indisputable 4 star hotel located in the old part of the city.

    Pamplona-Catedral-Hotel-01 Pamplona-Catedral-Hotel-02 Pamplona-Catedral-Hotel-03 Pamplona-Catedral-Hotel-04 Pamplona-Catedral-Hotel-05 Pamplona-Catedral-Hotel-06


  • Day 2
    • Stage 1: Pamplona - Riverside Walk - Pamplona 39 km
    • Lunch at: Pamplona Catedral Hotel - Restaurant La Capilla+ info
    • Afternoon: Free
    • Dinner in: Gastronomic Experience Pamplona
    • 2nd night: Pamplona - Pamplona Catedral Hotel
  • Day 3
    • After breakfast:Bike Transfer to Olite
    • Stage 2: Olite - Artajona - Olite 44 km
    • Lunch at: Parador de Olite
    • Afternoon: Visit to Señorío de Andión Winery
    • Dinner in: Casa Zanito+ info
    • 3rd night: Olite - Parador de Olite
  • Parador-de-Olite-ext Parador-de-Olite-ext-2 Parador-de-Olite-room Parador-de-Olite-hall-1 Parador-de-Olite-hall-2 Parador-de-Olite-dinning-room


    For this 3rd night in Olite it is also possible to opt for our VIP accommodation inside the medieval Villa La Joyosa Guarda

    La-Joyosa-Guarda-interior La-Joyosa-Guarda-breakfast La-Joyosa-Guarda-dinning-room La-Joyosa-Guarda-room-1 La-Joyosa-Guarda-room-2 La-Joyosa-Guarda-interior


  • Day 4
    • Stage 3: Olite - Valdorba - Gallipienzo 44 km
    • Lunch at: Heredad Beragu
    • Afternoon: To choose:
      • Guided tour of Sos del Rey Católico
      • Public Poolof Gabarderal
    • Dinner in: Heredad Beragu
    • 4th night: Gallipienzo - Heredad Beragu
  • Heredad-Beragu-hotel-ext Heredad-Beragu-hotel-terraza-interior Heredad-Beragu-hotel-hall Heredad-Beragu-hotel-dinning-room Heredad-Beragu-hotel-room-1 Heredad-Beragu-hotel-room-2


  • Day 5
    • Stage 4: Gallipienzo - Javier - Aibar 51 km
    • Lunch at: For this noon we have left in the hands of Casa Zabaleta of Aibar the preparation of a menu CASTILLOS del REYNO based on the grill - its specialty - and accompanied by strictly local wines.
      + info
    • Afternoon: To choose:
      • Guided tour of Javier´s Castle - Sangüesa
      • Public Poolof Gabarderal
    • Dinner in: Nobles de Navarra Restaurant
    • 5th night: Aibar - Nobles de Navarra
  • Rest-Casa-Zabaleta-ext Rest-Casa-Zabaleta-interior Rest-Casa-Zabaleta-especialidad
    Nobles-de-Navarra-hotel-ext Nobles-de-Navarra-hotel-patio-interior Nobles-de-Navarra-hotel-hall Nobles-de-Navarra-hotel-room-1 Nobles-de-Navarra-hotel-room-2 Nobles-de-Navarra-hotel-bathroom


  • Day 6
    • Stage 5: Aibar - Ujue - Olite 51 km
    • Lunch at: Parador de Olite
    • Afternoon: Visit to Olite Real Palace
    • Dinner in: Asador Erri Berri+ info
    • 6th night: Olite - Parador de Olite
  • Day 7
    • After breakfast: End of the PIRINEOS PUNTO BIKE services unless a subsequent transfer service has been hired.


Non-Sports Activities

In this proposal, Pamplona CASTILLOS del REYNO we add to the sports activity itself 3 complementary non-sporting Experiences. Each of these Experiences belongs to a different category, these are; Gastronomy, History and Enology. The intention is that with these three different brushstrokes we get that at the end of the trip the visitor will take with him at least a brief perception of the Diversity of NAVARRA.

We could have included more, according to what time of year the day is long and would give time to complete the agenda of the day with more Experiences, however we have preferred to consider the diversity of types of travelers and not saturate that agenda with a set of activities that they would completely eliminate the possibility of improvising and choosing each one.
In other words, at the end of the sports activity there are travelers who prefer to rest quietly in the hotel or simply take a simple walk around the place where they are, while others lack time to go out and continue to "absorb" Experiences through the surroundings. To satisfy both we have included this minimum of 3 Experiences and during the visit we will give complementary information of other possibilities that we can have both at the end point of the stage and throughout it.

Experience History: Visit to Javier Castle reserved for the afternoon of the day of our stay in Javier at the end of the 2nd stage.

Experience Enology: Visit to Señorío de Andión Winery during our stay in Olite at the end of the 3rd stage.

Experience Gastronomy: We have made a selection of some of the most important representatives of the current gastronomy of Navarre. This Experience can be chosen if it is performed as a dinner the night of arrival in the city or leave it for the last day at noon as the culmination of the route. The full details can be seen in the yellow tab - HIGHLIGHT - Gastronomic Experience in Pamplona found below.



- HIGHLIGHT - Gastronomic Experience in Pamplona

For the dinner of the 2nd night in Pamplona you will have to choose one of all these Gastronomic Experience... truly a difficult choice.

Gastronomic Experience logo rodero

Vanguardism and Imagination Koldo Rodero

1 Michelin Star, 2 Repsol Suns.

Authentic cuisine with very careful product, family atmosphere with history, close and creative.
In short, cuisine characterized by the affection for the creation of new flavors that are born of the traditional products of the land Navarre and the avant-gardism and imagination of its authors. Result? A different kitchen.

Gastronomic Experience logo europa

High cuisine in the heart of Pamplona.

1 Michelin Star, 2 Repsol Suns.

To the delicacy, finesse and cult to the traditional flavor of a season cook like Pilar Idoate, one of the essential pillars of restaurant Europa, joins the young cook from Guipuzcoa Arkaitz Muguruza, bringing new technique and creative ideas in line with what is cooked in the world.

It is difficult to achieve a greater balance between the gastronomic roots Navarras, a magnificent raw material and a refined technique. And if we speak of drinks, careful letter, directed by a professional sommelier of wines and spirits.

Gastronomic Experience logo bidea2

Symbiosis between grilling and raw material.

2 Repsol Suns

Bidea 2, a place of reference in Navarra gastronomy, in which the ember plays a predominant role.

The formula for the success of this establishment lies in the intrinsic quality of each and every one of the raw materials that are offered, plus a service and customer service at the height of a great restaurant. This sum succeeds to aupar today the Asador Bidea 2 among the 100 best in Spain.

Professor in the grilling courses for Basque Culinary Center, GREGORIO TOLOSA leads the Asador Bidea 2, where the raw material and a careful technique reach the highest levels in the Navarra gastronomy.

Gastronomic Experience logo enekorri

Enekorri, festival of flavors and sensations.

1 Repsol Sun.

Enekorri opened its doors more than thirty years ago and is one of the gastronomic references of Pamplona.

Touches of author respectful with the flavors of the raw material coming from the rich regional pantry..

Seasonal products command. There is no more chemistry than this, which is no small thing.

Example of constant innovation and updating. Presiding over the plate; Raw material worked with exquisite and exquisite touches in which the imagination is not lacking.

Gastronomic place of reference where we will also enjoy a very unique establishment.

Gastronomic Experience logo alhambra

Author´s cuisine, creative and traditional.

2 Repsol Suns

The Alhambra Restaurant is one of the representatives of the haute cuisine of Pamplona for its own merits, both for its history and good know-how..

Opened in 1985, it has become a must-have when it comes to the cuisine of Navarre. A renovated classic, a professional brigade, intimate lighting and maximum privacy between the tables. Traditional elaborate cuisine.

Javier Díaz, responsible for his cookers, interprets with his own technique and style the culinary tradition of the land. It is surprising the elaboration and combination of ingredients, secret of the good taste that keeps the Alhambra Restaurant as one of the best in the Navarrese capital. Iñaki Idoate and his sister Esther, of deep-rooted host family, supported by a good team, maintains a constant evolution.

Suggestive letter that changes every season, demand on quality products, and an elaboration in which no flavors or qualities are lost. Alhambra.




Minimum group 6 people

4.430 € Price per person in double room

For groups larger than 10 people customized budget will be send

Rates for the whole year, subject to availability.
The prices may vary when the dates coincide with the Easter holidays or with the Patron Festivities of any of the places of accommodation.


  • 6 Nights accommodation with Buffet Breakfast in the hotels named in the Program tab
  • All meals and dinners from the afternoon of the day of arrival until the morning of the day of departure
  • Support vehicle accompanying the group
  • Cycling tour guide
    This service is solely for sporting activity
  • - On route refreshments stations - Both sports foods and drinks as well as traditional foods and drinks
  • Travel and sport insurance
  • 1 Gastronomic Experience in Pamplona
    Select Restaurant in this list and indicate it in the application.
    • Rodero
    • Europa
    • Enekorri
    • Alhambra
    • Bidea 2
  • All Non-Sports Activities proposed in the program



  • Beers or other consumptions outside the proposed menus in the dinners or during the stay in hotels
  • Any kind of sports material, helmets, shoes, etc
  • Anything not expressly indicated in the offer


  • Airport/station pick up
    We put you in contact with the transfer companies that provide these services. We do not include its cost in our proposal.
  • Bicycle rental
    We put you in touch with a rental service in the nearest place to the route start point
  • Single room supplement: + 560 €
    When the group consists of an even number of people, an even number of applications will also be necessary to access this supplement.


Action subsidized by the Government of Navarre


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