7 Excepcional Bike Stages among Wineyards and Mountains

Roads of La Rioja, Soria, Burgos, Alava and Navarra.
Tour combining stages through the interior of La Rioja with stages through the Sierras that surround it.
The sporting activity is complemented with Gastronomic Experiences and visits to wineries.

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Self-guided Package 7 stages / 8 nights


In the rural world that our routes run through, hotel establishments are usually small. It is often difficult to book the sequence of accommodations necessary to complete a Pack, especially if the number of participants in a group is a bit high.

Booking in advance is often the key. It is not a commercial trick on our part. Many times, that reservation with enough time in advance is simply the difference between being able or not being able to reserve the Pack.

The Program and the Route, day by day

  • Day 1 - Arrival in Logroño
      If you arrive soon to Logroño and want to pedal a few kilometers, we will give you a track to go around the city.
    This first night we have not included the dinner in the Pack, as you will see for yourselves that would mean stealing the experience of traveling along Laurel Street and its surroundings and choosing between the overflowing selection of tapas.

  • Day 2 - Stage 1: Logroño - Laguardia - Logroño
    Distance: 74km   Unevenness: 1260m
       Before leaving in search of the Sierras that we will visit in the comming days, we will make a stage combining the banks of the Ebro - through which we will reach Elciego and Laguardia - with the slopes of the Sierra de Cantabria, through which we will pedal to the medieval village fortified of Labraza.
       An initiation day among vineyards.
    In the afternoon, we will visit the Franco-Españolas Winneries in Logroño -an institution among the Riojanas wineries- there we will acquire the necessary knowledge to face the Gastronomic Experience that will be waiting for us at the TONDELUNA Restaurant.

  • Day 3 - Stage 2: Logroño - Montenegro de Cameros
    Distance: 82km   Unevenness: 1460m
       We are going to La Sierra. In this second stage on the bicycle we went direct towards the South, we left the cozy vineyards and we entered by the overwhelming Cañon del Río Leza in the Sierra de Cameros. We will cross all the "... of Cameros" existing -villas of mountain with the memory of its past emerging between its streets and its stones- until coming to the Sierra de Cebollera and to Montenegro de Cameros, a recondito village of the province of Soria that welcomes us in his Almazuela, a Posada Real of 4 * where the wines of the Duero - already close - will compete with the Riojas during the dinner.
       It will undoubtedly be one of the most emblematic nights of the route.

  • Day 4 - Stage 3: Montenegro de Cameros - Ezcaray
    Distance: 98km   Unevenness: 1300m
       In this third stage we will link the Sierras de Cameros and La Demanda. After ascending one of the highest points of the route, the 1563 meters of the Las Viniegras Mountain pass, we descend through the narrow ravines of the Najerilla river on its way to the North looking for the Ebro. We still do not have to get to it, so we turn to San Millán de la Cogolla in search of the Monasteries of Suso and Yuso - World Heritage - and continue bypassing the Sierra de La Demanda until we integrate into it when reaching Ezcaray.
       Depending on availability, we will stay at the Hotel Echaurren or at the Palacio Azcarate Hotel, 2 establishments well prepared to receive cyclists.

  • Day 5 - Stage 4: Ezcaray - Cruz de La Demanda - Ezcaray
    Distance: 68km   Unevenness: 1450m
       Today is a High Mountain day. The proposal is to promote the "myth" of the sierra -La Cruz de la Demanda-, which at 1855 meters constitutes the highest point of our route. Later, since it is not so much either, we propose to ascend to Bonicaparra - his little brother - a pleasant ascent immersed in an almost constant beech forest.
    It will give time to finish the stage by noon and be ready to "face" the Gastronomic Experience of the day in the form of Tradition Echaurren, a menu proposed for cyclists by the also Chef Riojano cyclist Francis Paniego.
       One of the options of this day is to replace the Echaurren Tradición with El Portal del Echaurren, which with its 2 Michelin stars constitutes one of the greatest exponents of La Rioja and national Gastronomy.
       We leave dinner free for each one to explore on their own the numerous culinary options offered by Ezcaray.

  • Day 6 - Stage 5: Ezcaray - Haro
    Distance: 92km   Unevenness: 940m
       After ascending the Pradilla Mountain pass and already in Pradoluengo we will definitely separate from the Sierra de La Demanda and we will enter the Riojilla Burgalesa. Cycling from South to North we cross through flat fields of crops until we get up the slopes of the Montes Obarenes and reach Cellorigo, the well-known "Púlpito de La Rioja". Afterwards we will make a "mandatory" stop in Sajazarra and its castle and again among vineyards - almost exclusive of Muga Wineries - we will go to our final stage in Haro, the Capital of Rioja.

  • Day 7 - Stage 6: Haro - Elciego - Haro
    Distance: 87km   Unevenness: 1010m
       From the Capital of Rioja we made a circular route in the basin of the Ebro. We will link the lands of the Rioja Alta with those of the Rioja Alavesa starting a day imminently wine in which we will constantly alternate villages, vineyards and the Ebro. We will complete all this in the afternoon with a visit to one of the Bodegas of the essential Barrio de la Estación of Haro.
       We will end the day moving to the nearby town of Casalareina where in addition to the villa itself we will know the essential cuisine of "La Vieja Bodega" or the one of "La Cueva de Doña Isabela". Decision to be made depending on the availability of reservations. We do not know which is better.

  • Day 8 - Stage 7: Haro - Logroño
    Distance: 81km   Unevenness: 1200m
       In our last stage we will alternate radically different environments. We will ascend among the vineyards to the Sierra de Cantabria, entering through the port of Rivas de Tereso to La Montaña Alavesa and its forests. Always cycling along its Northern slope we will arrive to Navarre where in the historic Villa de Viana we will coincide with the Pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago who will accompany us to Logroño.
       We are already in familiar territory and with enough knowledge to decide for ourselves whether to dine alternating tapas in the bars of the old town or in one of the Gastronomic Sanctuaries of the city.

  • Day 9 - Departure from Logroño
    Free morning to organize the return. After breakfast the contracted service ends.

The all route
Distance: 582km   Unevenness: 8620m


Multimedia and/or description of the route


Stage 1 - Laguardia from Elciego, end of the third stage. In the foreground Wineries of Marqués de Riscal.


Stage 1 - Logroño in their environment.


Stage 1 -

Stage 1 -


Stage 1 -


Stage 1 - Just a few kilometres away from Logroño, the Ebro is already a solitary River.


Stage 2 - Overwhelming Río Leza Canyon. The road, at the top, almost fly over the river.


Stage 2 - Typical landscape of the Sierra de Cameros. Territory of the first kilometers of the day.


Stage 2 - Autumnal atmosphere on the first ramps of Sancho Leza.


Stage 2 - Ending the first difficulty of the day, Sancho Leza. We are entering the Sierra Cebollera.


Stage 2 - Como siempre, las vacas nos prestan atención. En unos minutos entraremos en la provincia de Soria.


Stage 2 - Montenegro de Cameros, in the heart of the Sierra Cebollera. End of today's stage.


Stage 3 - First difficulty of the day, Port of Montenegro, also called the Viniegras. 6 km to 6%. At the top we left Soria and return to La Rioja.


Stage 3 - Sierra de Cameros, descending Montenegro Mountain pass towards Viniegras de arriba.


Stage 3 - A mandatory stop. Yuso Monastery -San Millán de la Cogolla- World Heritage site.


Stage 3 -


Stage 4 -


Stage 4 -


Stage 4 -


Stage 4 -


Stage 4 -


Stage 4 -


Stage 4 -


Stage 4 -


Stage 4 -


Stage 5 - Climbing up Pradilla. In the background La Demanda Range appears.


Stage 5 - Pradilla Mountain Pass


Stage 5 -


Stage 5 -


Stage 5 -


Stage 5 -


Stage 5 -


Stage 5 -

 Haro, The Capital Of Rioja

Stage 5 - End of stage at Haro, The Capital Of Rioja


Stage 6 -


Stage 6 -


Stage 6 -


Stage 6 -


Stage 6 - Winter vineyards of Macán Wineries - Rothschild Vega-Sicilia - under the Sierra de Cantabria.


Stage 6 - Sierra de Cantabria and Davalillo Castle in the vicinity of San Vicente de la Sonsierra.


Stage 6 - Scenes of the route on the banks of the Ebro.


Stage 6 -


Stage 7 - Panoramic view over the Montaña Alavesa seen from the Paso del Toro in the Sierra de Cantabria. In first plane Lagrán and Villaverde, in the background the Natural Park of Izki.


Stage 7 - The landscape has changed. In the Montaña Alavesa, the oak wood is the boss.


Stage 7 - Scenes of the Montaña Alavesa. The muela de San Román on the village of the same name.


Stage 7 - Quiet roads in the Montaña Alavesa.


If you have doubths, do not hesitate and use some of the buttons below, we respond quickly.

The hotels during the route

1st, 2nd and 8th night: Logroño - Hotel FG Logroño -
We have chosen this hotel located on the banks of the Ebro just at the point where our route enters the city for our stay in Logroño. In addition to its unbeatable location, their quality is unquestionable, we are talking about a four star service "camouflaged" in one of three.
To the usual services of a hotel of these features we add that we have free access to the relaxation of the hotel zone, which consists of a jacuzzi, sauna and gym.

fg_edificio fg_entrada fg_bodega fg_spa fg_habitacion fg_restaurante


3rd night: Montenegro de Cameros

Depending on availability we will stay at the Posada Real La Almazuela or in La Costanilla´s cottages.
In this second option, breakfast and dinner are served at La Almazuela restaurant, a rural hotel categorized as 4-star POSADA REAL.

La Almazuela edificio La Almazuela comedor La Almazuela salón La Almazuela habitacion01 La Almazuela habitacion02 La Almazuela habitacion03 La_Costanilla edificio La_Costanilla habitacion La_Costanilla exterior

www.almazuela.net - www.lacostanilla.com

4th and 5th night: Ezcaray - Depending on availability we will stay at the Hotel Echaurren or in the Palacio de Azcárate
In both cases we will enjoy a special traditional cuisine dinner at the Echaurren Restaurant.

Echaurren-entrada Echaurren-habitacion1 Echaurren-habitacion2 Echaurren-habitacion3 Echaurren-buffet Echaurren-exterior


Azcarate-edificio Azcarate-room Azcarate-breakfast Azcarate-exterieur Azcarate-hall Azcarate-dinning-room


6th and 7th night: Haro - Depending on availability we will stay at the Hotel Arrope or in the Hotel Ciudad de Haro

Arrope-exterior Arrope-coffee Arrope-lunch Arrope-hall Arrope-room-1 Arrope-room-2


Ciudad-de-Haro-1 Ciudad-de-Haro-2 Ciudad-de-Haro-3 Ciudad-de-Haro-4 Ciudad-de-Haro-5 Ciudad-de-Haro-6


night: Hotel FG LOGROÑO


Visits to wineries that are included

Bodegas Franco-Españolas


Visit to Bodegas Franco-Españolas, one of the great wineries in La Rioja. With almost 125 years of history is still a reference when talking about the world of winemaking.


Its privileged location, on the banks of the Ebro River, allows us to reach it without the need of a vehicle, simply on a pleasant walk across the Puente de Hierro from the old quarter of the city.


During the visit, we will visit a winery founded in 1890 thanks to the golden age that Rioja experienced in the 19th Century, when the French, whose vineyards were agonising under the attack of the phylloxera plague, came to the region in search of replacement vineyards.


Guided Visit and Wine tasting with 3 different wines and appetizer
Visit duration: 90 m. approximately
Possible languages for the visit: English, Spanish or French



Barrio de la Estación  Haro - the Capital of Rioja -


Visit to one of the most important wineries of the internationally known "Barrio de La Estación" of Haro.



The Gastronomic Experiences included

Gastronomic Experience


For the arrival to Logroño we have proposed a "meeting" with the Riojan gastronomy by Luisa Barrachina and the well-known Riojan chef Francis Paniego (3 Michelin stars).
Tondeluna is a modern, informal and fun place that has prepared a menu with the name of one of the great Bike Tours of La Rioja; FUENTES del VINO. And since we also come cycling, this same menu, which is the one that appears in the photographs, will also be used to introduce us to some of the secrets of modern Riojan gastronomy.

tondeluna_entrada tondeluna_interior01 tondeluna_interior02 tondeluna_pimientos tondeluna_tartar de tomate tondeluna_pasta fresca tondeluna_costillas tondeluna_merluza tondeluna_torrijas


Gastronomic Experience


In the year 2012 Francis Paniego was recognized with the prestigious National Prize of Gastronomy to the best Chief of Cuisine. It remained as the steps of his mother Marisa Sanchez, who had received the same award 25 years earlier.


The kitchen of the Echaurren is intimately linked to Ezcaray and the Oja Valley. To the extent possible their products come from fields and the surrounding villages, and something similar could be said of the inspiration for the creation of their dishes, and is that which is our field of play for cycling, is the same that inspired some creations of Francis Paniego -usual cyclist-


Tasting menu LA RIOJA PUNTO BIKE paired with 2 wines


Images of dishes that are shown in this proposal can or does not correspond with the tasting menu proposed by the Echaurren.


Gastronomic Experience in Casalarreina





“Life is too short to drink bad wines”
Sergio Mujico (The Sommelier)


“Cooking is a pleasure that I love to share”
Félix Sarceda (Head chief)








Minimum group 2 people

2.300 € Price per person in double room

Rates for the whole year, subject to availability.
The prices may vary when the dates coincide with the Easter holidays or with the Patron Festivities of any of the places of accommodation.


  • 8 hotel nights in double room
  • 8 Buffet breakfasts
  • 6 lunches or dinners, 3 of them in "Gastronomic Experience" format and 3 in the restaurants of the hotels in which we lodge.
    The first and last day - both in Logroño - we have not included the dinner to give the freedom to choose between the wide culinary offer existing in the city. However, if preferred, can be included as an option.
  • Transport of luggage between hotels
    1 bag or package of a maximum of 20 kg per person
    If not needed, the cost of this service will be deducted from the proposal

  • Gastronomic Experience in TONDELUNA or LA GALERÍA restaurant in Logroño
  • Gastronomic Experience Echaurren Tradición
    Traditional tasting menu paired with 2 wines
  • Gastronomic Experience La Vieja Bodega or La Cueva de Doña Isabela in Casalarreina during the stay in Haro
    Includes taxi service Haro-Casalarreina
  • 2 visits to Wineries; Bodegas Franco-Españolas in Logroño and another one in the Barrio de la Estación of Haro.
  • Rioja or Duero Designation of Origin wines during meals
    Crianzas or Reservas, selection made by the hoteliers from each establishment
  • Tracks of the route in GPX format for mobile phones or GPS devices and printed map with each day routes options
  • Link to services that may be necessary along the route
  • Presentation of the route and delivery of information in hand the day of the arrival of the group to the hotel or the morning of the next day
  • Telephone assistance for incidents or consultations during the days of the contracted activity


  • Beers or other consumptions outside the proposed menus in the dinners or during the stay in hotels
  • Meals in restaurants at the time of the noon, unless it has been agreed previously to replace dinner with meals
  • Any kind of sports material, helmets, shoes, etc
  • Mechanical Assistance during the activity
    If possible, we will try to help you in case of a breakdown, but in many situations this help can be very limited due to lack of specific spare parts or other circumstances. The cost of the service if it can be done is € 18 per hour + € 0.40 per kilometer.
  • Anything not expressly indicated in the offer


  • Reduce the number of days of the trip
    Tell us the number of days you have and your preferences regarding the places of accommodation, and we will send you a quote
  • Hire cycling tour guide
  • Hire assistance vehicle during the route
  • Airport/station pick up
    We put you in contact with the transfer companies that provide these services. We do not include its cost in our proposal.
  • Bicycle rental
    We put you in touch with a rental service in the nearest place to the route start point
  • Hire Asistance / Accident Insurance
    and / or Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Add dinner the first and last day in Logroño.
  • Replace the Gastronomic Experience in the Echaurren Tradición Restaurant for similar in El Portal del Echaurren -2 Michelin Stars
  • Single room supplement: + 470 €
    When the group consists of an even number of people, an even number of applications will also be necessary to access this supplement.
  • If your need is different from what we propose here, if for example, you have fewer days than the required ones for the route and do not know how to trim off, or if instead, you have more days and you want to stay a whole day in one of the lodges, pedaling or touring the area and continue the next day, do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you options and alternative routes for these or any other variable you can think of.

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