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7 Days / 6 Nights
All cycling styles

One of the Gastronomic Experience options; Restaurant Europa -1* Michelin and 2 Repsol Suns-
Perfect location for EREMUA MTB / Trail Center
Repositioning energy - Restaurant Europa 1* Michelin and 2 Repsol Suns -
Using the energy. Selva de Irati - Queen Stage Vuelta a España 2016-
The night is waiting - Restaurant Rodero 1* Michelin and 2 Repsol Suns - Another option of Gastronomic Experience
Spectacular MTB Routes in the Irati Forest

STAGE PAMPLONA-PIRINEOS Is the proposal -VIP- COMFORT of PIRINEOS PUNTO BIKE to carry out cycling routes in NAVARRA and surroundings.
We stayed at the Hotel Villava, a spacious, comfortable and perfectly located hotel complex next to the Camino de Santiago, to the BASOAK cycling route and to the roads that direct us to the PYRENEES.
The for the Gastronomic Experiences that complements the Sports Activity. Experiences in which we will serve as commensals of the culinary creations of some of the most renowned Gourmets of the city.

The Stage - The Details

Iruñea-Pamplona - Hotel Villava - www.hotelvillava.com


An environment of maximum tranquility five minutes from Pamplona

We are in IRUÑEA-PAMPLONA, a city full of life and strongly linked to sport. A PUNTO BIKE in which it is almost obliged to coincide with some type of event during our Stage. In the photograph, the peloton of the Euskal Itzulia 2017 makes its "Paseillo de honor" by the Town Hall Square.

We will also know PAMPLONA from the hand of the Gourmets who every day strive to maintain the prestige of the gastronomy of the city in the right place. A Gastronomic Experience f a high level.
One of our experiences will be the Europa Restaurant - which corresponds to the plates of the photographs - that with 1 Michelin Star and 2 Repsol Suns will open the list of proposals that can be seen in detail in the tab HIGHLIGHTS


Some of the days we chose to use the service of restoration of the own Villava Hotel, it contributes an important point of relax to a Stage in which the sport component adds an evident fatigue that goes adding itself along the days. Our own experience tells us that sometimes you feel like staying in a relaxed "house", and go down to dinner at the otherwise excellent restaurant of the hotel.

The Cycloturist Activity

The proposals of PIRINEOS PUNTO BIKE to realize STAGES of high quality bicycle tourism with lodging in IRUÑEA-PAMPLONA -in which we cycle through NAVARRA- are presented with a guiding logic but not previously defined.

The dates and the level of difficulty are chosen by the users and the routes are agreed during the same Stage according to the interests of the group and of the meteorology. Navarra has a very varied geography and that also concerns the meteorological time, it is frequent that when it rains in the Pyrenees in other zones to the South it is possible to roll in dry, which generally is an option that the cyclist prefers.

The map with routes that you can see below is a reference guide of what can be a Stage of for example 7 days. The criterion is that we want to "choose the best" and for this the common denominator regardless of the difficulty we choose, is that we move in taxibike to the starting point of the stage and the taxibike itself is responsible for picking us up at the point where we finish the route. In this way - as you can see in the map - in some occasions the routes are circular and in others we take advantage of to realize interesting stages in line.
Regardless of the taxibike, we have at all times a guide with the group and a support vehicle during the march.


For zoom in or


To get the idea of ​​the possibilities and real potential of a STAGE PIRINEOS PUNTO BIKE in IRUÑEA-PAMPLONA click and browse here in the tabs Navarra North, Media and Peripheral of PAMPLONA - PIRINEOS  PUNTO BIKE.

The Stage - Day by day


  • In all Stages of PIRINEOS PUNTO BIKE is considered zero-day to evening or night in which the group of cyclists arrives to he hotel.
    Depending on the time of arrival of the group we will decide if we make a presentation of the activity to develop in the next few days.


  • It is considered stage-day every day that may exist between the zero-day and the last day.
    1. Breakfast in schedule to agree with the group depending on the season of the year in which we are
    2. Displacement by taxi from the hotel to the starting point of the chosen route
    3. Execution of the route taking a criterion of stops according to the expectations and rhythm of the group
    4. End of the stage - Displacement by taxi from the point of completion of the stage to the hotel in Pamplona
    5. Free afternoon
    6. Dinner at a time agreed with the group
    7. Briefing of the cycling programme for next day

last day:

  • In all Stages of PIRINEOS PUNTO BIKE the chek-out is established at 18 o´clock. So, in this last day the only difference in the activity comparing with a stage-day, consists in reach a consensus with the group and choose a route with a mileage that leave sufficient margin at the end of the day for the displacement that cyclists need to do in order to go back to their places of origin.

Levels of difficulty 1, 2 and 3

LEVEL 1 - SLOW: Routes of between 40 and 65 kilometers in length with an unevenness that can approach the 1000 meters but that normally will approach more to the 500 or 600 meters of ascent.
It can be combined with other activities of a more tourist nature such as visits to monuments, villages, wineries, natural landscapes, etc.

LEVEL 2 - CLASSIC: Routes between 65 and 110 kilometers in length with an unevenness that can oscillate between 1000 and 2500 meters.

LEVEL 3 - PRO: Routes of more than 110 kilometers in length and with an unevenness usually above 2500 meters of ascent.

Information only for guidance. Sometimes the data will not match since, for example, we can give level 3 to a route with a mileage or unevenness that should correspond to level 2 but in which we have to overcome a high number of sections of port with very hard slopes.


The STAGE Alma Pamplona includes 4 of the following Experiences.
You will have to decide between them ...

Gastronomic Experience logo europa

High cuisine in the heart of Pamplona.

1 Michelin Star, 2 Repsol Suns.

To the delicacy, finesse and cult to the traditional flavor of a season cook like Pilar Idoate, one of the essential pillars of restaurant Europa, joins the young cook from Guipuzcoa Arkaitz Muguruza, bringing new technique and creative ideas in line with what is cooked in the world.

It is difficult to achieve a greater balance between the gastronomic roots Navarras, a magnificent raw material and a refined technique. And if we speak of drinks, careful letter, directed by a professional sommelier of wines and spirits.

Gastronomic Experience logo enekorri

Enekorri, festival of flavors and sensations.

1 Repsol Sun.

Enekorri opened its doors more than thirty years ago and is one of the gastronomic references of Pamplona.

Touches of author respectful with the flavors of the raw material coming from the rich regional pantry..

Seasonal products command. There is no more chemistry than this, which is no small thing.

Example of constant innovation and updating. Presiding over the plate; Raw material worked with exquisite and exquisite touches in which the imagination is not lacking.

Gastronomic place of reference where we will also enjoy a very unique establishment.

Gastronomic Experience logo rodero

Vanguardism and Imagination Koldo Rodero

1 Michelin Star, 2 Repsol Suns.

Authentic cuisine with very careful product, family atmosphere with history, close and creative.
In short, cuisine characterized by the affection for the creation of new flavors that are born of the traditional products of the land Navarre and the avant-gardism and imagination of its authors. Result? A different kitchen.

Gastronomic Experience logo bidea2

Symbiosis between grilling and raw material.

2 Repsol Suns

Bidea 2, a place of reference in Navarra gastronomy, in which the ember plays a predominant role.

The formula for the success of this establishment lies in the intrinsic quality of each and every one of the raw materials that are offered, plus a service and customer service at the height of a great restaurant. This sum succeeds to aupar today the Asador Bidea 2 among the 100 best in Spain.

Professor in the grilling courses for Basque Culinary Center, GREGORIO TOLOSA leads the Asador Bidea 2, where the raw material and a careful technique reach the highest levels in the Navarra gastronomy.

Gastronomic Experience logo alhambra

Author´s cuisine, creative and traditional.

2 Repsol Suns

The Alhambra Restaurant is one of the representatives of the haute cuisine of Pamplona for its own merits, both for its history and good know-how..

Opened in 1985, it has become a must-have when it comes to the cuisine of Navarre. A renovated classic, a professional brigade, intimate lighting and maximum privacy between the tables. Traditional elaborate cuisine.

Javier Díaz, responsible for his cookers, interprets with his own technique and style the culinary tradition of the land. It is surprising the elaboration and combination of ingredients, secret of the good taste that keeps the Alhambra Restaurant as one of the best in the Navarrese capital. Iñaki Idoate and his sister Esther, of deep-rooted host family, supported by a good team, maintains a constant evolution.

Suggestive letter that changes every season, demand on quality products, and an elaboration in which no flavors or qualities are lost. Alhambra.


Groups 4 to 7 persons - 1 guide in + 1 guide in - 2.940 €

Groups 8 to 12 persons - 1 guide in + 1 guide in - 2.590 €

Prix per person - For larger groups customized budget will be send

Pack hired with Pirineos PUNTO BIKE CIF 15954000-G -Travel Agency-
Inscribed in the Tourist Registry of Navarra with Code CI. NA-128


  • 6 - Hotel nights - Double room + 1 single room when the number of participants is odd
  • 6 Buffet breakfasts
  • 4 Lunch or dinner at Restaurant of HIGHLIGHTS list
    Select from the list and indicate them when making the request
    • Rodero
    • Europa
    • Enekorri
    • Alhambra
    • Bidea 2
  • Displacement by taxi in the city when distances to selected restaurants require it
  • 3 Lunch or dinner at Restaurant Villava
  • - Drinks - Navarra or Rioja Designation of Origin wines during meals
    Crianzas or Reservas, selection made by the hoteliers from each establishment
  • Daily displacement in taxibike to the point from where we started the route, and return after Pamplona from the point where we have finished it
  • Support vehicle accompanying the group
  • Accompanying cycling tour guide
  • - On route refreshments stations - Both sports foods and drinks as well as traditional foods and drinks
  • Travel and sport insurance
  • Briefing of the cycling programme for the next day


  • Beers or other consumptions outside the proposed menus in the dinners or during the stay in hotels
  • Meals in restaurants at the time of the noon, unless it has been agreed previously to replace dinner with meals
  • Any kind of sports material, helmets, shoes, etc
  • Anything not expressly indicated in the offer


  • In level of difficulty 1, visits to monuments, old villages, wineries, natural landscapes, etc.
  • Airport/station pick up
    We put you in contact with the transfer companies that provide these services. We do not include its cost in our proposal.
  • Single room supplement: 240 €
    When the group is made up of an odd number of people, will be equally necessary an odd number of requests to access this supplement
  • Include in the group "no cycling" companions
  • Professional photo and video keepsake
  • Bicycle rental
    We put them at the starting point of the route together with a mechanic to adjust them to your sizes.