• Regulation
  • Booking


  • You can make a reservation of the all-in package if it is more than 30 days before the start date of the route. The cost of this reservation will be 150€ per package and person or 15% when the price of the Pack unit exceeds 1000 €. The entire amount will be charged at least 30 days in advance of the start date of the route.
  • If the purchase is made 30 days before (or less) the initiation of the route, the full amount of the package will have to be paid directly.
  • In case there is no availability in any of the proposed hotels, Pirineos PUNTO BIKE (PPB) will inform the client and offer alternatives in other nearby establishments.
    PPB will try at all times to maintain the typology and price of the hotel or the hotels replaced. However, when this is not possible, the client will be notified of the changes - upwards or downwards - and of the budget modification that this implies. In case of disagreement, and in the event that some payment has already been made, the amount advanced by the client will be returned in full.
    If the modification is accepted and if it were a Self-Guided Pack, it will correspond to PPB to provide the necessary geographic information to connect the new accommodation with the itinerary of the contracted route.
  • By default, the first hired hotel night will be the previous one before the start of the route.
  • If the Pack is a Bespoke Pack - without a price established on our website- Pirineos PUNTO BIKE may require other payment terms.
  • No concept is included that it is not expressly indicated in the chosen offer.
  • Cancellations

  • Canceling up to 30 days before the start of the route, 75% of the reservation will be charged as management and cancellation fees.
  • If the cancellation of the reservation is requested between 30 and 10 days before the starting date of the route, the full amount of the reservation fee will be charged by way of management, cancellation and penalty expenses.
  • Canceling in the last 9 days before the day of start or during the tour, the full amount of the package will be lost.
  • In no case the amount of the insurance will be returned in case it has already been taken out.
  • In the case of partial cancellations (e.g. if someone in a group leaves) the same criteria as in total cancellations will be applied to the cancelled part.
  • In case of, for whatever reason, not spending the night in the set end point of the stage, the reservation for that day will be lost and you will have to pay the full amount to the establishment in which you have spent the night.
  • Purchasing process

    1. The request may be carried out by telephone, by whatsapp, by e-mail or sending a message from this page.
    2. After checking availability, the organization sends the group representative an email with the final amount and payment terms.

      - When the number of participants is less than or equal to 8 people you can make a single transfer or different individual transfers.
      - When the number of participants exceeds 8 people a single transfer must be carried out for the full amount of the requested packages.
    3. After carrying out the deposit, the organization will submit via e-mail a document/invoice per participant in PDF format with the corresponding ID.
      - This document, printed or displayed on mobile or tablet screen, will serve as the means of identification at the starting point of the route.
    4. The ultimate personal identification of all participants (address, ID card or passport, etc.) may be previously carried out if desired (via e-mail) or carried out at the reception of the hotel at the time of starting the route.
    5. Demand for budget or booking formalization constitutes acceptance of the regulation.

    For the resolution of claims that can not be resolved directly between Pirineos Punto Bike and the client, the European Union dispute resolution platform linked here will be used.

    Pack hired with Pirineos PUNTO BIKE CIF 15954000-G -Travel Agency-
    Inscribed in the Tourist Registry of Navarra with Code CI. NA-128